General Information and FAQs for the 2020 Mt Washington Backcountry Ski Festival


A gathering in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for backcountry skiers & riders of all abilities.


The 2020 festival is taking place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 13-15. An associated AIARE 1 course it taking place March 13-15. View the Schedule for more detailed information.


The base of the festival is Ragged Mountain Equipment in Intervale, New Hampshire. This is the location for registration, demos, and après ski. This is also where you'll meet for the guided courses.

The evening presentations on Friday and Saturday are taking place at Theater in the Wood in Intervale, NH.


The 2020 Mt Washington Backcountry Ski Festival is presented by The North Face and hosted by Synnott Mountain Guides & Ragged Mountain Equipment.

What is the best way to get in touch with questions?

Please visit the Contact page.

How long is registration open? Can I register at the festival?

Online registration for guided full day courses is open until marked closed. Registration for guided courses is NOT available at the festival.

Registration for the Weekend Pass (no courses) is open throughout the festival, both online and in person.

Evening event tickets are available throughout the festival, online and in person.

Are snowboarders welcome? Do you have split board demos?

Yes, snowboarders are welcome. We have split board demos in 2020! Please check the Demos & Rentals page for current details.

Do I need skis or a splitboard with skins to participate?

Yes, those would be the best modes of travel.

Do you provide backcountry skiing and riding equipment?

There will be alpine touring demo equipment (boots, skis w/ bindings, skins) at the festival, but it's "first come first served" and subject to availability. Certain sizes and types of gear are limited. Please don't count on being able to demo full backcountry setups or specific pieces of equipment.

Do you rent or sell backcountry skiing and riding equipment at the festival?

A limited selection of backcountry skiing/riding equipment is available for rent at the festival. If you would like to rent backcountry skiing/riding equipment, please see the Demos & Rentals page.

Ragged Mountain Equipment does sell a wide variety of backcountry skiing equipment.

Do I need avalanche safety equipment to participate?

Avalanche safety equipment (beacon/transceiver, shovel, probe) will be required for courses that travel into avalanche terrain. This will depend on course itineraries and weather/snow conditions. There are courses available that will not travel into avalanche terrain and you will not need avalanche safety equipment for those courses.

Do you provide avalanche safety equipment?

Avalanche safety equipment (beacon/transceiver, shovel, probe) is not provided by the festival.

Do you rent or sell avalanche safety equipment at the festival?

A very limited amount of avalanche safety equipment is available for demo and rent at the festival, but rentals should be reserved in advance. If you would like to rent avalanche safety equipment (beacon/transceiver, shovel, probe), please check the Demos & Rentals page for current details.

Avalanche safety equipment (beacon/transceiver, shovel, probe) is available for sale at Ragged Mountain Equipment.

Is food provided?

If you're headed out for a full day course, please pack your own lunch and snacks. Food vendors will be on site for the aprés ski at Ragged Mountain Equipment and at the evening events at Theater in the Wood.

What will the weather be like?

Check the Mount Washington Observatory for higher elevation mountain weather and the weather in surrounding towns. Visit the Mount Washington Avalanche Center for the avalanche advisory. The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Gray, ME provides forecasting for the White Mountains region.